Seek Insurance and a Lawyer: Smart Tips for Delivering Goods for Groupon

Groupon is an odd company because of the way it is designed. It has also left a few individuals on the cutting room floor, confused and frustrated about how they fell into a system that diced them up and spit them back out.

What is this all about? Groupon offers discount items for customers. This can be a physical good, a service, and just about anything in-between. Small businesses use Groupon to get extra business through discounted rates. The problems occur when intermediaries get involved. This may include a delivery driver who has to actually deliver the purchased goods through Groupon.

Who is at fault when the driver hits a car while on a delivery? There are more than a few people involved in this scenario. The first is the driver, of course. The second is Groupon. The customer is involved, albeit at a distance. Another entity is the small business where the purchase originated from. This is the company that Groupon provided the deal through.

The situation involves a whole lot of entities who do not want to take responsibility. What generally happens is that a driver, left with a damaged vehicle, is further left to handle it.

Motorcycle and car drivers need to protect their asset- their ride. They also need to protect their small side project and business by confirming with all entities who is responsible if something occurs. This is where another entity gets involved- the insurance company. Insurance companies can cover a driver when it matters. Unfortunately, insurance companies are skeptical of various “driving for business” scenarios. Most won’t even touch a rideshare option, and will outright refuse to cover a person who requests it. Others aren’t even familiar with Groupon and the systems involved. It is a new system.

While looking for tips for delivering goods for Groupon, keep insurance in mind. Get a policy that covers everything in a large blanket. This way, the aftermath of an incident will occur between the insurance, Groupon, and the company. These larger titans can go at it. A lawyer can vet the case and provide an outline of protection.