How Fender Washers Differ from Flat Washers

Washers are standard parts in many industries. They are thin metal pieces that distribute weight, provide spacing, or can be placed under a bolt or nut to spread out weight while tightening connections between two components. Thicknesses vary, as do materials. There are a few differences between these two types of washers.

Fender Washers

These are typically made of steel, stainless steel, and steel zinc-plated metal. The main difference is that american made fender washers have an outside diameter that is larger than other standard flat washers. Applications are mostly in automotive, plumbing, and electrical industries. The name is derived from the vehicle fenders that are held in place with these larger washers. Thicknesses of up to .250 are in stock at all times to fill standard orders as soon as possible.

Flat Washers

The primary use for these washers is fastener assembly. They contribute to longevity of machinery by preventing wear and surface distortion. Flat washers are available in a wider range of materials and a few different shapes. In addition to traditional materials, such as brass, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, modern materials are also available.

Brand names of newer materials include Inconel, which is a mixture of nickel and chromium. Monel consists of nickel mixed with carbon, iron, silicon, and copper. Nylatron is a combination of nickel alloys. These are less expensive and more durable. Rubber and plastic washers can also be ordered. Several popular sizes of washers are kept in stock among a massive inventory to accommodate immediate needs.

Custom Washers

Experienced manufacturers can custom design washers for unique needs or make washers that meet customers specifications. Plating varieties include cad yellow, black ox, and zinc, among others. Fast turnaround times on custom orders are offered due to massive amounts of raw materials in stock and one-hundred power presses used to fill high-volume needs.

Spring washers are offered in one and three wave and belleville styles. Military washers can be ordered in over twenty specifications. Metric washers are available as well. Quick quotes are available on the website. Ordering can be completed on the website, as well, for convenience.